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Family Preschool

March 8, 2016 @ 7:00pm


[NOTE: We would really appreciate it if you could fill out this brief (~5 mins) feedback form:

Thanks! Your input is very valuable to us!]


Director: Emily Clark

President: Avery Guynn

Teacher Recommendations

Contracts will be renewed for all teacher, except for Megan

Will spend time with her newborn

Mutual decision for her to leave temporarily

Hiring Committee

If Melissa Levy (current filling in for Megan) decides to stay, she will get the offer

Confident in her abilities (smooth transition)

Want more info on her plan

Not yet offered, but have the okay to offer the position if she wants it

Board Reconfiguration

Teacher rep at board meetings to give feedback and hear their perspective

Last year offered stipend for teachers to come

Revisit stipend at the end of the year

Appreciative of the board honoring the time commitment

Open for options for stipend not being necessary, but other benefits/compensation

Financial compensation

Didn’t want teacher workload to be uneven

Felt like this was also part of the job

Want input from teachers about when the meetings will be

*Teacher response* Slippery slope if things are added to the contract that they aren’t compensated for

Already work a lot of hours that they aren’t compensated for

If the stipend is not a money issue, then it is a token of your appreciation of our time and recognition that it is part of our job

Easier for other teachers to commit to coming to meetings because of other commitments

Very small margin of being in the black

Not sure about the financial flexibility


If there’s something really important for teachers, send email to teachers and ask for response before the meeting

Wanted teacher to be hear because board never heard strong voice from teachers

Wanted more info for the decisions to be made

Better if all teachers could be here, but unrealistic expectation

Voice heard through the director

Parents get Co-op hours through board meetings

Don’t want it to be tit for tat

Parent run school

Investment from parents to making decisions

If the teachers feel represented, may not need a rep

Teachers would come if they could, but it’s a hard time commitment

Have to donate their time to their kids school as well

Next steps: Director and Molly decide if they need the teacher position still

Converting back to full board

Alumni Committee:

Definition found in Board Reports

Rolling committee

As new families graduate, will be on the committee

Agree to 2 total meetings: 1 with President, Director, and Treasurer and 1 Long term planning meeting

Great way to strengthen the relationship of graduated families

Currently just have listserv database

Need a more direct connection and tie between past families and the school

Volunteer participation

How are we supporting alumni families?

Teachers mean a lot to the families, so families want to reach out and keep ties closer to home

Invite them to birthday parties/beginning of the year parties

Open them up to the community again

Vote it into the Handbook/bylaws

Board Elections:


Email soon about it

Save emails and notes to Dropbox if exiting your board position

Director Evaluations:

April and May

Teachers and parents will respond to survey

Preschool’s Birthday:

Fireflies class doing a cake

Teacher Sue wears her birthday hat

Table set up for gifts

A (one) popsicle party on Friday

Wishlist that you can purchase for the preschool

Problem with the Scanner and Shredder:

If anyone wants to help fix it, more than welcome

Shredder is toast, so need a new one

Mark was volunteered to come look at the Scanner

Met with Julia with ERUFF:

Come in on a Sunday and talk to kids up and coming to preschool

Two weekends: one direct, one with a booth

Offer summer camp to ERUFF?

Offer a week for them to check out the preschool

Doesn’t matter as much to the teachers about who comes

Might change the dynamic somewhat

Would get to know the space

Teacher Sue may not want it to be opened up

Parents may not feel comfortable with other kids coming in

Maybe set a maximum number of stranger kids

Phrase it as “I have exciting news! New partnership with ERUFF”

Included in the handbook to include other students

Dilemma about whether or not to accept kids that aren’t potty trained

Calendar for next year:

Color coded calendar passed out to board members

Circulate calendar to school

Maybe schedule family relations day for one of the Mondays off

Included potential snow days

Possibly moving up the start date

Build days in for snow days this way that can be added to the end

Labor day done because that’s the way it’s always happened

Kids might want a full week for the last week

Currently all the weather days are tagged as teacher work days

Why don’t follow DPS for start days?

Create an option B calendar

Might create a lot of conversation

Stick with the pre-written calendar for next year, then the year after revisit a Calendar B

Voted – all in favor

Working on Financial Assistance:

Put in by April 1st, but have leeway until April 15th

Teacher Surveys:

Always end of year survey

Want to implement a shorter fall survey for November/December

Gauge for teacher feedback

Mostly aimed at new parents

Can make changes quicker and fix problems that arise

Ask the teachers what feedback they want from the parents so it’s useful feedback

Board can ask co-op questions, but teachers want to change the way the questions about the teachers were asked

Benefit in comparisons for middle to end of year

New families might bring in expectations for the school that have festered throughout the whole year

Babysitting fundraising hours:

Possibly use space at ERUFF

Possibly use classrooms or the dance studio

Parent Orientation:

Co-op hours awarded for orientation not in Handbook

Discrepancy on if it’s true or not

Will not be offered for hours


Things looking good

Advertise to Listservs and give specific numbers about how many spots are left

Generic form possibly posted to website that people can then send to the listservs

Katherine Cracken:

Baby proofing your marriage workshop

Hosted at a home

Help with promoting

Open to anyone enrolled/participating in Family Preschool

April 21st

Nominations for board members open up on Friday

Have an actual election on next Friday

Send out something for everyone to cast their vote

Move to Approve last month’s minutes – approved

Donation deadline April 8th:

Need to send out more emails

Spring online auction

Other incentives for fundraising

Coordinate families going to different places to fundraise

Half of fundraising funds come from this event

Upload newsletter to website

Planned social media promotion on Facebook page

Sponsored post (less than $20)

Start with word of mouth and own social circles for at least a month

Sink is not working

Already replaced a part for $300

Set date for April board meeting – April 12th, same time, same place

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